We have specialist members of staff who run extra-curricular sessions in various rooms. All extra-curricular sessions are included in the fees.

Stretch-n-Grow is a specially designed holistic health and fitness programme for children from the age of 12 months to 7 years in the form of a weekly class conducted by a fully trained Stretch-n-Grow instructor. The programme comprises of a three-year curriculum endorsed by fitness and child development experts. They have imaginative monthly themes with great equipment for every child and fantastic music.

The classes are designed with children in mind! Child development research states that if a child has not mastered certain fundamental motor skills by the age of five experts say they may never realise their real potential to perform them. They include age-specific motor skills in every class along with fun and giggles! Classes are linked into the EYFS and the weekly handouts and discussions include healthy eating, citizenship, safety and muscle groups.

Find out more on the website www.stretch-n-grow.co.uk.

We are fortunate to have Erna from Little Musicians visit the nursery every Tuesday in the Caterpillar, Chrysalis & Butterfly rooms.

She devises fun sessions in which the children learn songs and have the opportunity to experience a vast array of instruments.


We are fortunate to have Maxine from ‘Little Signers Club’ visit the Caterpillar & Chrysalis rooms once a week on a Monday.

At just 6 months old, a baby’s motor skills are sufficiently developed to make simple gestures, enabling them to bridge the communication gap and show their parents what they need. To put this into perspective, at 12-15 months babies will only have around ten words – most of which will be unclear leading to frustrating periods for toddlers as they try to communicate using their just-developing speech.

Studies have highlighted the detrimental effects of stress in babies under 36 months and using signing can so easily be used as a tool to relieve that.

The most popular misconception that we come across is the belief that baby signing delays speech. This couldn’t be further from the truth and the evidence clearly shows that signing babies have more words and more complex speech at an earlier age – if signing is done correctly. The benefits of learning to sign continue well into childhood, with studies showing signing children being significantly ahead of non-signing children at aged 8 (Acredolo and Goodwyn 2000).

In fact, the benefits of signing do not end when speech begins. As babies become toddlers, there is even more need for signing as frustration really manifests itself at this difficult transition age; signing is particularly beneficial from 12 months onwards as it’s been suggested that up to 90% of toddler tantrums are linked to their need to eat, drink, sleep or receive comfort. These are very easy signs to implement and use at this critical age, restoring calm for everyone and enhancing bonding.




I am Florence, the French teacher! The owner of Coucou les Bambins.

I am a French lady who is passionate about teaching French in a fun and educational manner, emphasising the right pronunciation!

My method has been proving very successful, and I use stories, songs, role-plays, flashcard and puppets… to introduce French vocabulary, grammar and numbers.

Children are wonderfully inquisitive and playful, and my method involves playing games which instils the confidence to speak French as a reward.

My planned lessons are touching typical topics used in the EYFS framework.

I am so excited to be part of Chrysalis nursery and to start a French adventure!!!!

A bientôt


Owner of Coucou les Bambins

Licensee working under La Jolie Ronde


Formally known as Super Soccer, Super Star Sport is a coaching organisation that was founded in 2011 with the aim to inspire the future! They are the UK’s leading provider of nursery sports coaching delivering fun and engaging sports sessions for children in many settings across the country following the early years guidelines and our sessions are OFSTED approved. As a company, they also provide a wide range of other sports and educational services including sports provision within primary schools, children centres and other child care settings as well as running weekend sports sessions, youth football teams and exciting sports birthday parties.

Every member of the Super Star Sport team are fully qualified, first aid trained and have up to date enhanced DBS checks. They are also highly enthusiastic, friendly and motivated. Every coach has a passion for working with children and helping them not only have fun but to aid their education and development.