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Why Choose Chrysalis Nursery...

Choosing a nursery or pre-school for your child is one of the most important decisions you will make as a parent. It is essential that you find a setting which will support your child’s developmental needs and provide a safe, caring and secure environment to allow their individuality to flourish.

Nursery (0-3 Years)

Our approach to learning and teaching is through child centred play and education. We have a fully equipped nursery.

Pre-School (3-5 years)

Our Pre-School provides a well resourced, stimulating environment and provides numerous experiences preparing your children for the transition to school.

Pre-School at the Cricket Club

We provide a wide range of activities including Stretch & Grow, Little Musicians, Little Signers, Yoga & French & Multisports all of which are included in the fees.

Our Rooms & Classes


Months Old
Class Size

Caterpillar Room

A homely environment for our babies until they are walking.

Chrysalis & Butterflies

Months Old
Class Size

Chrysalis Room

A stimulating room for our mobile children to explore.
Months Old
Class Size

Butterfly Room

A multi-equipped environment which incorporates 2 rooms.

Bumblebees & Ladybirds

Months Old
Class Size

Bumblebee Room

Situated at 125, High Rd our Pre-School offers high-quality equipment, a lovely outdoor area and well-qualified staff.
Months Old
Class Size

Ladybird Room

Situated at 125, High Rd our Pre-School offers high-quality equipment, a lovely outdoor area and well-qualified staff.
Months Old
Class Size

Pre-School @ The Cricket Club

Chrysalis Pre-School at The Cricket Club offers a beautiful environment for our second Pre-School setting.

Chrysalis Nursery Vision and Values

Our vision:

To provide a caring, safe and stimulating environment; enabling every child to reach their full potential during their first stage of life.

Our values:

Caring, passionate staff – to support your child’s learning and encourage independence for their preparation to school.
Happy & Healthy children – creating curious thinkers and providing a nutritious, healthy menu prepared by our on-site chefs.
Respectful & resilient children – building positive relationships and providing rich experiences to empower them for the future.
Yourselves – working in partnership with parents to ensure holistic learning & create positive relationships to ensure the child’s key person plans effectively for their development.
Sense of security – ensuring the children feel safe and secure; safeguarding is at the heart of all we do.
Active bodies and minds – enhancing physical development and motor skills as the foundations of future skills.
Lifetime love of learning – we have created a homely learning environment, which is continuously evolving to meet the children’s needs and interests.
Inspiring inquisitive imaginations by igniting their interests and developing independence and individuality.
Success – celebrating all the children’s development and achievements to raise their confidence and self-esteem before they embark on their next adventure to school.

Meet Our Staff

Kate Hersey


Tanya Ryan

Nursery Manager

Hannah Botten

Pre-School Manager

Caroline Noakes

Deputy Manager

Alexandra Taylor

Finance Officer

Hayley Taylor


Paula Brooks

Curriculum Leader

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